Anabolic & Catabolic – What is Difference?

Anabolic Catabolic Difference

The human body is nothing but the proper junction of various processes which are totally interdependent and at the same time, they complement each other to keep the human body at a strong level. People who are either in the fitness profession or somehow connected to fitness world in intention to lose weight or burn body fats or just build muscles come across various new body processes. Currently, according to trends most of the fitness players are revolving their fitness cycles around two world’s i.e. Anabolic process and catabolic process. Every processor every action taken by the body during your workout has deep meaning and also has the capacity to give you some major benefits.

Today we’ll discuss the Anabolic and catabolic process.

When we workout or just start our regular routine our body consume foods to get energy at the same time it uses energy for various purposes. When body consumes more food it rather than burning for regular process or for a workout then it results in weight gain. We must understand the concept of Anabolism and catabolism for better results.

Anabolic Process

Anabolism – It is the stage of the body where it all the process or repairing or growth happens. Thus when you perform your workout in the anabolic mode you build muscles and simply get the idea that this is the stage where you build muscles. Energy is utilized in the process for muscle growth or for repairing purpose.

Anabolic Exercise Pattern – One considers that kind of exercise which is done with the maximum intensity level and such exercises include jump rope, burpee exercise,  sprints.

Catabolic Process

Catabolism – Catabolic stage is generally referred as fasting mode when the body does not have any form of consumed energy to utilize and thus it uses store fats or muscle glycogen for the energy. Thus most of the workout which gives you fat loss results are performed on catabolic modes like aerobics or cardio exercise. During catabolism, energy is simply created by breaking various complex molecules like fats.

Catabolic Exercise Patterns – Catabolic exercise includes all those medium intensity workouts which force our body to use stored material for energy. Thus it includes various exercise done till 20 minutes such as cycling, jogging, walk or just dancing for half an hour.

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